Thursday, December 25, 2014

141225 CSL Xmas

so... we were supposed to eat at gyeojeol babsang (that glorious korean buffet) at avenue france. but when we got our queue number there was like 200 people in front of us and we had to wait for at least 3-4hrs. so, we sort of gave up and just ate at another korean restaurant instead.

bad choice.

i commented that the soup they gave is only half-filled, has someone eaten the other half? the prices were all above 10,000 won. expensive, little in quantity and the taste is just so-so. or maybe i'm just comparing to the buffet price (14,900won) that would have covered desserts as well and all the dishes served here.

after the meal we were supposed to meet chimo and double date with ark but my period pain got the better of me so we sent just ark over to meet chimo instead. bleahs. (it wasn't that bad a timing actually)

since i couldn't move around much in the cold weather, we went back to hang around the office instead. genjo actually bought me some pills to ease the pain - so sweet 8D i slept a bit and after that woke up in the evening and realised everyone's out shopping for dinner.

so at night i spent my christmas celebrating kyungmin's bday with the lovely members of CSL~

and these guy went out and came back with a hell lotta junk food.

miracle prepared the sweet potato cake again~

i like the baskin robbins ice cream cake too. looks so cute!

but the food wasn't enough and we were all craving ramen. so ark went to cook a huge bucket of instant noodles.......... like literally a bucket. i think they dumped >10 packets in that bucket??

i kinda like the way we all eat from the paper cups all together.

merry christmas everyone!! i think at least 5 people were missing from this picture. just not too good at wefies..!

and we played card games later on - werewolves. it was fun~!!

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