Saturday, December 27, 2014

141227 O-Lens Tour

today was sort of an o-lens tour because we were running around seoul visiting all the different o lens shop to use the leftover voucher. there was like 5 pieces of 30,000 won voucher so we visited 4 different places - yongin, jong-no, dongdaemon, myeongdong (i think, i can't remember). the funny thing was for the same range of lens, dongdaemon actually had the best price (29,000 vs 35,000 for the same lens in other places).. too bad we couldn't use multiple vouchers at the same shop so we had to run around...

had lunch at yongin before we headed off.

and all my lens getto!

our last stop was at myeongdong and we decided to walk from dongdaemon (about 20-30mins.) passed by a whole street of motorcycles and a pet lane on our way over. i was told this kitty is super expensive and you can sort of tell the price by the space they are allocated with. this kitty had like 1 quarter of the store.... because it's a rare species with the ears down. whoa.

so after we finally reached myeongdong 00 decided we would treat ourselves for running around the whole day with indian cuisine. indian food is actually considered to be a high- class, expensive cuisine there and their restaurants actually all look pretty posh. he bought a coupon that had an almost 50% discount for a 70k meal (paid about 40k) for 2.

and the food!

the appetizer salad had too many olives for my liking.

this naan tasted like pizza and is surprisingly nice when you wrap and eat it with those vege. i love the yuzu lassi!! it's so refreshing but cos it was yogurt based, it didn't sit too well with 00.

chicken is ok

i like the naan but we were all so full at this point. the curry wasn't to my liking though. too thick and creamy?

after wrapping up dinner, went for a short toilet trip. and they have a posh dressing room inside. queer.

and we headed home to pack for our jeju trip. whee~

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