Saturday, December 20, 2014

141220 Avenue France

made plans to meet lucy and mong the next day, but i had brunch with dear namchin first.

we took almost 2-3hrs to reach the cafe avenue because we took the slower bus, then realised we could take mrt, and missed our stop. =_=

well at least we reached the place.

balloon man walking around in the chilly weather.

after looking at all the restaurants we settled at porkook~ a little cozy corner

ordered the creamy pork and bbq cutlets. it's super nice at the first few bites but it slowly got a bit hard to finish later on... best to share with someone! still, it's not too bad - will eat it again xD

we had apple dessert anyway despite being full from the meal cos it looked so tantalizing...
i think this place is called chocolate factory or something.

they placed a cuddly bear at the corner.. so cute!

and our cheesecake apple~ i don't know how the apple is made.. it doesn't seem to have a core! still nice anyway!

we then took the train to meet the rest. we were at the end of the train!

and so i met mong first at dongdaemon~ went to look at the giant fancy dome. it's actually an artsy shopping mall and opened now~

some interesting things in the mall.

elsa just looks so muscular..

lucy arrived almost 2hrs late! =_= we went to eat octopus with roe for dinner after that~~ mussel soup provided too~ treat by lucy since she came late. oops!

see the mint leaf on the left with the yellow glob? that's actually yellow roe. i wished they'd give it without the leaf. uhh.

we went back to the dome again to see the white flowers at night~

mong brought along expensive tororo pudding and we found a place inside the mall to eat them. pretty!

and we headed home around 8+. was a great gathering!

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