Sunday, December 21, 2014

141221 Jongno Samgaetang

by right there's supposed to be a mass photoshoot going on at the CSL private event. but my costume was incomplete and it takes 2hrs to get there from yong in, so i didn't go in the end. what a waste, would have loved to see the studio T_T

so we went to jongno instead to shop at my favourite stall and have samgaetang at gyeongbukgong. there' some artsy display at gwanghwamun there~~

ahaha and the famous samgaetang at tosokchon. (see more at the URL i think other people will describe it better than me hahah) think the default one is still the nicest. ordered black chicken to try something new anyway~ so many tourists there!

went back to yongin to nua... was a short day~

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