Monday, December 29, 2014

141229 Aqua Planet

the first stop of the day - aqua planet~

i'm not a big fan of fishes honestly. and all aquariums sort of look the same to me. but it's ok, i'm just going since it's supposed to be yet another one of the biggest aquariums in korea. (or the biggest in jeju. or maybe it's the only aquarium in jeju, i don't know)/

this place is located at seopji-koji, a little area with lots of touristy spots and with a scenic view. it's also where some dramas were filmed at (i.e. all in).

fishy tree...

there wasn't a lot of people in the morning (about 10-11am) so we settled down and had breakfast there at their food court. not fantastic but not too bad either. just a little pricey (8k - 10k for each set). 

here's a view outside from the food court

ta-dah some eye trick photo zone. they seem to have these in a lot of places now.

and fishy spams

you can duck into a little corner to view the penguins up close. we were lucky cos one of them stood there for a long time. heh.

penguin hostel! all of them have their own homes and names. so cute.

some weird looking frogs and newts and whatnots.

mini sharks?

now this is interesting. they sort of fossilized the bodies in a different way and made them colorful. it's sort of cruel but beautiful at the same time...

and we enter some foresty areas... the pic on the right shows some tunnel structure with little otters or whatever they are running to and fro,.

this crab has a missing pincer. ouch. and on the right is a weird overturned crab there.

some tanks were decorated with christmas ornaments. kawawiii

we took a little break at auntie annies before heading off to watch some performances

some more fishes before the performance starts...

do you see the little straight things sticking out? those are fishes btw.


this seahorse appeared in HK aquarium, SG aquarium and now here.

delicious japanese spider crabs.

there's so many goldfishes inside you can't really see an actual proper fish.

more sharkss?

and first performance of the day... is a quirky mix of synchronised swimming, fire acrobatics, weird humor and lots of plunging in the pool.

fire acrobatics?

this guy was diving down from the highest level! the second was lots of dolphin splashes~

dolphin climbed up the platform on the left corner

more dolphin jumping

and more fish viewing.. or big lumps of seals?

this dude loves the ball.

photozone with the big whale..

more performances at the central huge tank. but some photos first.

and some female divers come in...

and then some mermaids came by also. they were all swimming around the top so it was hard to see what they were doing or capture anything.

after this we went to touch some stingrays~ (or rather, only i did)

there was a mini area for under the sea collection of rocks. not that i'll understand them...

and stepped outside for a little cold air.

then back again for more performances~

was actually just feeding time...

after we're done with the aquarium, we took a little stroll around the land. wanted to go by some other more convenient transport but walking is still the best if you wanna take your time to explore. the place is huge though... the horse cart is good if you're with a big group of people. but poor horses.

look~! a maze~

and we went to the middle of the maze...

to take selfies. hahahahahah.

a structure at the edge. didn't walk too close to see what it is. but pretty setting sun~

gingerbread house! candy house!

and where awesome korean drama filming takes place. not that i'm climbing that. i think i was here with XM before..

then we went to a puzzling museum...

i didn't really understand the contents. there's only like 3 spots to see inside. this tree that blooms in 4 seasons...

this funny sky that had a moving lone land.

and a weird island...

well, there's also a little reading area inside. not that i'll read anything there.

so of cos we got out. if you wanna have peace and mediation, then by all means come. if not, don't waste your money visiting because you've already seen all you need to in my pictures. =_=

and then we headed to a more interesting glass house with a very expensive restaurant there.

where you get greeted by teddy elsa...

but of cos we only went to the zippo museum. restaurant looks too expensive.

lots of expensive zippos... i don't know if i would pay 150,000 for a lighter..

some creative large zippos

and as the last stop of the day, we walked to a nearby restaurant (10mins away) for some female diver seafood.

all these raw things you see costs 30k won... ugh.. it's fresh alright, but definitely not to my taste.

still prefer the down to earth 8,000 won seafood ramen.

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