Friday, December 19, 2014

141218-19 Arrival

i've been going korea so often i don't know where to visit anymore. but anyway here i am departing again right after work to the winter land!

one nice thing about changi airport is that they've totally filled the place with christmas mood. the decors were pretty awesome. you get this big house that sort of lights up at certain times as a show.

it also blows out 'snow' at the end. nice~~

some nice decors after i check in. so much disney!

vietnam airways is as good as usual. the food sort of improves. after the stopver at ho chih min, i even get to sit on a bigger plane with screens in front. and the food somehow improved heaps. beef stew is yummmyyyyy.

and i arrived in korea 730am in the morning, with my darling arriving in their company car. kyungmin drove over, together with skasha and ark. what a welcome! ..^_^..

and my first meal of the day... kimchi stew~~ seems they discovered a lot of nice foods around yongin while i was away for 2 months. heh. even the side dishes are yummmmmy.

we headed over to dongdaemon to shop afterwards. shoppinggggggggggggggg

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