Wednesday, December 24, 2014

141224 Myeongdong

lunch was myeongdong shabu shabu! around yongin.

great quantities for a low price (i think it was 7k won each)

knifed noodles (ggalgguksu) added in later...

and fried rice for the last!

the atmosphere is pretty good too~ (oops no crowd haha)

and we headed to the real myeong dong next. heh. oooh there were some celebrities there! but i don't know who. some group from SMtown. we were literally moved along by the crowds. whoa.

christmas fills the street! whee!

so many people trying to selfies and wefies...

we were trying to look for tororo pudding and found it at the basement of the mart. but it was still nowhere as good as petitzel pudding. you MUST MUST absolutely try these!!! especially the HONEY one! it's heavenly!!!!!!!!

and at the top, there was a rooftop garden at young plaza. wheee~ it's really a couple's park. heh.

we took the train from seoul station and look at the buildings there! so fancy. the electricity is really free flow in korea.

back at home, since some members needed to use the room below, i moved to sleeping at the top level today and i saw the cute dogs running around. whoaaa

they're so super active and friendly they kept barking at the sounds of anyone approaching and trying to climb onto their pants and link the feet. wow. don't know how namchin's nuna can stand all the barkings at random times...

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