Friday, December 26, 2014

141226 Seasonal Buffet

we tried our luck at gyeojeol babsang again the next day - almost the same group of people at the christmas party. kyungmin treated all of us (there was more than 10) cos he was thankful no one gave him crap presents like tissue paper this year. it was so funny.

it wasn't too bad, we only needed to wait for less than 2hrs so we had some time to look around the area and have gong cha.

we finally have the famous buffet. yayyy~ and i ate a lot of the ice persimmons.. the hoddeok was super nice too!! the good thing is we went in during almost the close of lunch and managed to eat dinner menu while paying the lunch prices. wheee!!! the hoddeok is really nice!! one of the nicest i've had, or maybe even better than the one i ate at seokcho with xm.

we chased off ark to make him send chimo home. hurhur.

back at the office with almost nothing to do.. i got bored and started to braid namchin's hair. he was actually trying to book our jeju vacation in the meantime. not too bad right? i really like how his hair all curls at the end (due to a wrong magic perm done). heheh.

was a quiet post-christmas~

i think we tried to watch maze runner with ark and myeongseon but there was a lot of hiccups and i was sleepy. after we chased them off, 00 insisted on watching and we actually finished the show ourselves. without him dozing off in between.

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