Tuesday, April 13, 2010

random list of things that gets on my nerves

1. the question 'how are you?'

yes it's supposed to be polite, yes it's the way foreigners greet, but i just hate it. and i can't bring myself to lie 10 times in a day that i'm fine, so stop asking.

2. smokers walking in front of me.

please destroy your own lungs somewhere else.

3. purposeful broken english

wud joo prz stop all diz. you be pwetty prz

first of all, you can spell joo as you, it's the same 3 letters isn't it? and what's up with prz when you can use pls?? stop acting cute. stop stop stop acting cute, don't make me slap you.

4. littering messages with cranky faces

it doesn't make you friendlier, it makes you look like someone who has nothing to say and is trying to make up for the lack of vocabulary with dumb faces.

5. rainy days

thanks to you, i've had countless soles falling off my cheapskate shoes. not to mention i have a broken umbrella to boot.

6. strong perfume

seems like the more i hate it the nearer it is to me! i can't even taste my lunch! do you really have that much money to dump a bottle each day on yourself???

7. show-offs

oh, did you know i helped xxx to yyy, i also know jjj and kkk. i'm close friends with mmm and lll. aaa and bbb tells me everything, i think ccc and ddd likes me! do i look like i give a damn? listing off famous people doesn't necessarily make you one as well. buzz off

8. people who just cannot be bother to pay attention to obvious things

a: "i have a part-time job for $10/hr for a week from next monday onwards."
b: "oh, how much?"
a: "$10/hr"
b: "start from when?"
a: "next monday"
b: "how long?"
a: "one week. by the way, i don't think they are going to hire idiots like you."

9. people who just insist they are correct

x: "our QC is has perfect english"
y: "oh? your 'turn' is spelt 'trun' by the way. i'm sure his grammar is better, then."

10. working past 6pm

it is time to go, it is time to go.

11. work coming in at 5.59pm

like hell i'm going to finish it up.

12. buffet

i really don't like to gorge myself. these sinful things

13. steamboat and bbq

if i'm gonna eat out, i'd rather have someone cook for me.

14. tardiness

i hate it when you are late. but i hate it even more when i am late. the worst thing though, is when i have to wait for you to meet the client together and we both have to take the blame together for being late.

15. over-friendliness

these social butterflies, they believe in quantity over quality when choosing friends.

16. organising / planning things

i suck at them and i cannot see more than a week ahead. so what. don't ask me to reserve 7th july when it's only 1st feb now.

17. indecisiveness

should i eat x? should i eat y? should i eat k?
like i care.

18. wallowing in self-pitiness

i have no money... i have no time... i cannot do it... there's no solution... it's the end of the world
then just die, you ignorant fool.

19. giving me hope, and taking it away. if you cannot do it, don't ever say that you can.

ok let's continue the list next time, time to do some sewing.

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