Friday, April 16, 2010

well of cos i've already gotten most of the materials from the shopping list i posted some time ago. so here's the progress!

did the whole robe first. quite proud of myself because i didn't use any templates! so how i measured it was i drew my own outline on the cloth while i lay there (please laugh while you imagine how i did it).

glad it turned out fitting! (yes like fitting, gosh, i wish it's a bit loose)



i love the french brocade. hmm hmm

and i find that i don't really like this blue. sighss. for the front and back 'tails', with the tassel ends.


and yesterday i worked on the patterns.

1) sketches first


2) then the cutouts


3) drawing the cutouts on the fabric

4) painting them

(will take a picture of step 4 later)

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