Saturday, April 17, 2010



i'm hoping i get through my uniqlo interview. i don't think i can stay in my job any longer if i want to stay alive.

managing my own project and budget is a nightmare, and even more so when you have slow suppliers who promise to deliver everything and end up delivering none, and you have to chase them to the ends of hell (in the process cutting your lifespan in half) to get a simple job done.

i'm wishing i'm a programmer myself, it would be so much easier to do the job myself. thank goodness i know enough to make simple changes and do designs to churn out things on time - imagine having to email your supplier to ask for a text change > get hourly rate quote or make arrangement with supplier > wait one day for slow suppliers to respond > supplier don't respond > call supplier > supplier say ok i will do it > the next day it's not done > call and pester supplier again > and the cycle repeats

and i end up having to work on a freaking saturday!! NOOOOOO my precious weekend!!!



why is it that people just CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT BE BLOODY ON TIME!??!?! you agree on a time, you jolly well be there at that time! if it's 5 minutes, fine, we all understand that you cannot have as precise an estimate as the japanese, but for half an hour? 1 hour? 2 hours?? the time to meet is NOT the time for you to start showering, eat your breakfast, put on make up and take the bus. there is no 姗姗来迟, or fashionably late, there is only an angry mob looking daggers at you and a christy who is dying to drive her nails into the depths of your brain. (and yes, she can be pretty sadistic when she's mad)


dear boss asked "i'm so sad, you didn't play the ff13 i bought you"
me "i did, i just cannot play it when everyone else is around cos i need to turn the volume up to enjoy my game"

after drinks, i went back to my office to play the game (about 930pm)

it was the mistake of my life.

at 1030pm,
mr boss "christy, your LYED campaign statistics are all messed up! where is the key data? why is this comment not deleted? why can't you and azel just do this properly??!! now it's too late to make any changes, i have to submit the report!!"

me "..."
*packs stuff and runs home

never stay back in office to play games when your boss is still around.
by the way, boss, i sent the report before 12pm today, you had plenty of time to tell me those and you have to check it at 1030pm?!

pui pui.

it's like asking a random colleague "hey please help me do a report on my campaign"
random colleague "wahhh huh? i have no clue what the project is all about!!"

well, no excuse, you should be going to the shared server (we call it mr NAS), ask the colleague-who-was-on-the-campaign-and-who-has-quit-and-is-now-studying-overseas what was the whole deal about, ask the colleague-who-later-took-it-over-but-is-still-as-clueless, and perhaps just try to luan bom (aka churn out bullshit) and create the numbers you would like to show instead of trying to figure out why a certain number is the way it is.

ok, i'm feeling a bit better now after vomitting all my complaints here.

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