Monday, June 27, 2011

oh my!!! i have kept this blog stale for 2 months!!! and i see a lot of spam on my tagboard =.=|||

so i'm just done with ACM and i'm getting my normal life back bit by bit, and formulating all kinds of grand plan for next year. This competition might have just drained half my life, but it was still pretty worth it since i did hit several objectives xD for those whom i've talked to, they will know...

i'm now free of the name!

actually i'm quite lazy to type what's been happening, but here's a clip of what we did for ACM semi finals

as you can see, many things failed and there were 3 groups who tied... so into the final PK round we enter! improved on the skit and made several changes, can you see the difference??? hahahah

and because i'm biased i shall only advertise the korea team here. first up is the guest performance by seungyong and myeongseon.

lots of mistakes, but still, spectacular mistakes hahahahah!

this is the winning malaysia team, wcs reps of this year - sky and yuan cross.

and the malaysia team with the awesome robot! it looks really neat up close. very awesome for someone doing mecha for the first time.

this is the winning team for wcs singapore this year, sara and yui - so proud of them!!! team SOS!!! hahahaha YAYYYYYYY. their skit was engaging, pretty and entertaining, really very nice!!!

and the winners of ACM 2011 $10,000 goes to.... KOREA!!!

and taeyeon's individual was just splendid! too bad they didn't get the individual. thailand did - their karas is really nice!
can't find it now, will update more laters~~

here's thailand's individual~ they won the best individual overall.

and kyungmin's one piece individual. very creative and cute skit, with a dramatic end

i quite like zoey's individual too - lots of fans! although it was a bit long for some parts.

and taeyeon's individual is pretty awesome too!!! she transformed from her lavish gown to an awesome robot!! and i love the transition. if only she'd cut down the repetitive sword slashing in front and change faster, would be perfect

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