Thursday, May 05, 2011

i can't believe it, i am so freaking tired that i'm falling asleep, but i'm now staying awake at 1144pm blogging.
freak. there's so many things to do but why did i pick to blog at this time?!

so what am i busy balancing my life with?
work/other classes/cafe/jc friends/overseas friends/other friends/cosplay/love consultant/personal

and i'm not sure what and how to balance them anymore, everything seems equally important. perhaps my boss is right, i need to take a stand and let go of those that's not gonna affect my future. but.. which are they?

and i think i'm reaching a point where i feel like i might just drop everything. that means to just stop going out with people and come up with excuses for everything, and not attend any events at all. but i feel like i should honor my new year resolution for another half a year.

'and as i walk this empty road... i stumble and i cry.. i laugh at myself and i wonder... will i fly?'

but i do still think about you, however busy i am.

and i start to get angry at the littlest thing. i'm angry because you messaged an emoticon and i have no idea what i should reply, because i think you are anticipating me to reply. i'm angry because you insist that i should fly over to you, and that i should like you. I'm angry because you post senseless things and tag me in stuff i'm not interested in. i'm angry because i get dumped with projects i'm not interested in, and made to do things that's not part of my job. i'm pissed because you dirty my floor and you pretend you don't even see them. i'm pissed because you assume i'm gonna clean up your trash you left behind. i'm pissed because i know when you need me and when you don't, and i do not have time to spare for you but i still make time for you. and i hate your broken english. i hate you when you act cute. i hate the singlish you use, the stupid shortcut words you use when you can type the same word in its correct form. and please don't tell me about your life, because i'm not interested. please don't ask about mine, because it's not for you to know. worse of all, i hate it all, but i pretend that i don't.

oh right and i'm now in a call about my 2011 targets. T_T.
hit list? wth is that? i have to sell to these list of people?
who am i kidding? i need to quit soon.

good bye.

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