Saturday, February 27, 2010

bwhahaha i guess it was worth it in the end! i'm so happy i actually came back straight and had the urge to blog about this. guess calafare's job is pretty interesting after all!! *_* the only actor i ever admired (shaun/shawn tan/chen whatever, chen hong yu) in singapore due to his yi xin ren show - i still remembered i actually bothered to be home on time to catch every single episode when it was showing that time - was there *_*!!! although there's no actual scenes between us, it was still good to see him in action.

then there's mr pierre png who is really very good looking in real life, and his role is this CEO trying to dissolve an argument with a just-fired uncle employee. the uncle is damn cute too by the way, he is so gao xiao (he made a joke out of 'da pian zi', which is big liar, as 'da bian zi', which is toilet paper. lols). i can't remember his name though... oh well.

was intimidating at first but i managed to see quite a lot of actors/actresses when i was around the make-up room. not bad for a first-time experience! happy happy! (",) not about to promote the show and make you guys watch it here though... *cringes at my acting* bwahhaha.

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