Tuesday, February 09, 2010

last updated, 28th jan. have not written for a long time, so while i'm pondering over the essay to uniqlo, thought i might key a very long entry for the first time.

or maybe not.


i have so many things to complain about.

1) my job. as if writing a report isn't something i hate, it seems that i have more of it coming after i complained about it to my boss!!! he doesn't seem to understand. i am freaking UNABLE to look for a coder, a facebook person, write an action plan, do a proposal, plan the overall outline, do a sitemap of the modifications to be made, do up a freaking outline AND get the whole damn thing carried out in a single night. he thinks it's simple just because i don't move my butt from my seat the entire day, but he doesn't get how much work you need to put in to get these seemingly insignificant chores stuff. and did i mention i was trying, in the midst of his incredible task list to me, to write a 20page report for this project which requires you to just host an 80mb file?

2) being singaporean. gosh you have to go back to the embassy and the ica building for 300 times before they approve the application and give you your documents. and pay a massive sum. then they put your ugliest photo as your ic and passport photo. and you have to stick with it for 5 years. what's wrong with scanning the better looking photo! (ok i'm so frivolous but WTH) i have to live with the ic for the rest of my freaking life and go across borders for 5 years with that hideous picture! i was so NOT feeling fantastic that i converted. not to mention the first letter the government gave me was 'CONGRATS, YOU HAVE BEEN IDENTIFIED AS AN INCOME TAX PLAYER'. you'd think there's an orientation welcome package, but all the bloody rich government wants is your money when you become part of them.

3) cosplay. all i can say, i'm starting to socialise and know more people, but maybe i shouldn't have. small talking even 10 people at once is a feat. and this world is full of crappy people who seems to want to rise to stardom in a blink, and is friendly to you just because you might be their stepping stone. it's hideous. but i know it's real. sometimes you don't even know if a person is sincere anymore, you can't stop thinking whether this person wants something else when he starts to talk to you, you don't even know what he'll say behind your back, or how he'll twist your words. i might not experience all these, but it's sickening enough to know someone is doing such things. i don't care what it takes, i'll finish whatever characters i have and get out by the end of the year. perhaps it's better to not know anything at all.

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