Friday, December 04, 2015

151203-04 Eki Cafe

so i got summoned like super last minute to attend the concert premieres and launch of the brand shop Mabinogi Heroes in kr, and i bought my tickets the day before. hmm, well done.

in between my work =_=

oh changi has a lot of star wars thing going on...

flew off on Thurs noon and reached around 730am the next day. and the first stop - Eki's cafe!

it's a very cozy area filled with mommy-made pottery. and we easily spent 4hrs there... =_=

i had eki's hongcha latte and it was really nice!!

my artistic ensemble. hur.

we spent the rest of the day back at csl's office, polishing and upgrading the rest of our armour parts before we got out to have bossam as dinner.

the pancake is so niceeee. (and it's a free, refillable side-dish. how awesome)

and then back to office for more upgrading works...

i slept around 12+ and wrapped a few layers to bed cos the heater wasn't working. omg. it was freezing. i didn't want to wake up. but we had to, since we needed to reach the place by 930am. i got up around 7am and didn't even have time for base make-up, so i just finished everything in the 1-hr car ride. hurhur.

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