Tuesday, December 29, 2015

151229 Lotte World 2

we got up so late (3+pm) and i managed to do some work before getting out. took a bus to lotte world since the tower was already supposed to be completed. but the place still looks quite the same. we ate some funny waffles made out of ddok and i got cheated by this drink called red velvet. it was just a mixture of fruits that resulted in a reddish blend. =_=

had the very nice hoddog there as well.

we saw this occulus-imitation demonstration by hyundai and couldn't resist trying out. it was paragliding after all!!

after a little more walking around, we decided there was nothing much left to do so we left for home. i think we spent only around 3hrs or so there (6-9pm).

and at home, my little whale mist parcel was waiting!

you can get this at 6k if you buy a set meal from lotteria. but no one wants to eat lotteria here so we just bought it online for 7-8k.

watched martian at night. better than expected!

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