Thursday, December 31, 2015

151231 Go to DMZ!

i had been trying to make 00 go on a trip because everytime we're stuck around his house, we do nothing but sleep for a long time and hang out at the office. even though it's relaxing and all, everyday was spent in the same way. since he looked like he ran out of ideas on where to go, i said if he could go to DMZ, then we won't need to go on a trip.

so he signed up for the half-day tour after some persuasion (he felt that it was full of mines there and there's nothing to see).

...and we woke up at 6am to get off. he's the anxious one cos he paid 120k won for each person and we can't possibly miss the bus and waste the money. wheeheeheee. how to make one ganjeong!

we went to near central to catch our bus (at 9am) and ended up with some time for breakfast at dunkin. dunkin had these new waffle burgers that i really wanted to try. but THEY DIDN'T HAVE IT in the morning. suckers. we still ate there anyway. then grabbed starbucks! and then we only set off around 10am or so.

we passed by this place with a highway bridge that's apparently the shooting scene for avengers. it was blocked off for a week due to the shooting previously.

and then we are hereeeeeeeeeeeee

 short trip around the museum first to learn about the history

and then we're off to the tunnel...!!

unfortunately you can't really take any pictures of the tunnel but this is an illustration of the tunnel we went to...

it was just about 1.6-1.65m in height so i had to bend some of the time. you walk about 300-500m down a really long slope then another 500m bending all the way to the end, which has a small little window.

and then you walk back.

like right up that 300-500m you went down from.

well, it sounds like a short distance but the slope is a killer. mr kong almost died when he went up. there were people who actually got claustrophobic or fainted inside cos it was so hot and small, and we PERSPIRED in the middle of winter. and looked for ice cream to eat once we came out. hahahahha.

well anyway moving on to some pictures of the surrounding! hahahha i like this pic!

and off we went to this place where you can see almost the whole of n.korea from. had to go up this little hill, which is prohibited when the weather is misty or rainy.

well... i don't know but it doesn't look like a place i wanna live in.

the last stop is the train station. apparently you can get here from the seoul station, and the train runs twice a day. too bad if you miss it...

this piano has strings made of barbed wire to signify the division between the 2 korea.

and outside, there's a huge panel of names for those who contributed to the construction of the station.

and that was the end of our trip.

we went to itaewon to have a quick lunch that was included in the package - bibimbap.
in order to catch the joseon magician show, we took a cab over to yongsan, but the seats were all taken except for the first row =_=

no way am i going to watch from there. so in the end we shopped a little at yongsan and went over to myeongdong to get all my cosmetics, then joined up with lumen & aryeong for dinner.

pion and skasha came along to chill at osulloc cafe, and we all took off for yongin around 9pm, before the countdown crowd comes in.

we stopped at a supermarket to get some snacks and stuff so that we can end our year with this...

goodbye 2015 and hellllllo 2016!

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