Sunday, January 03, 2016

160101-160103 Yongin

the last few days in korea was spent at a lazy speed. we would wake up at like 2-3pm... sit around the office then have dinner/movie. and the day repeats.

so for the first day of the year, it was like that. we had my favourite roe rice, visited the supermarket and sat around the office.

bought this cute avengers drink that's called Super Power Choco Cheese. not recommended for the non-adventurous. ahahahha.

and that day i remembered i we were whacking each other like mad because he wouldn't give in and neither would i. jeez, what kind of man whacks a lady!??!?!!?!? asshole! look at my battle marks.

the next day we made our instant breakfast using instant gravy/sauce from the supermarket. at night we watched hotel transylvania 2 and goosebumps with the team.

and my last day, we woke up at 3pm again to have instant brunch.

my flight was at 620 so actually we were supposed to have moved off by then but we were slow and only managed to catch our bus at 4pm. it was so misty too!!! couldn't see anything in the distance at all.

reached around 530pm at the airport and there was a huuuuuuge crowd. luckily we managed to cut all the queues since my flight was in less than an hour. as it turned out my plane was delayed to 640 so i didn't need to rush that much.

after checking in, i got a really bad case of stomachache and quickly choped the toilet as soon as i boarded. i was so afraid the plane wouldn't be able to take off because of me, and several people kept knocking on my door to check if i was ok (i accidentally pressed the help button too). i stayed inside for about 1.5hrs and i didn't see the plane take off at all!!!!

as it turned out, there was yet another delay and the plane eventually took off close to 9pm. phew, guess i wasn't causing the delay. hahahahaah. jeez, constipation always kill me... i swear that shit i had is 0.5m long and a helluva pain to squeeze out. bwahhhhhhhhhhh............. and i guess because i was distracted i wasn't so as upset about leaving as the other times i had.

and it's back to singapore..... plane food on korean airlines is awesome. love the beef dish!

i reached around 2am and took a cab back to home. lots of stuff to unpack.

also saw saerom's christmas package for me. wheeee~!!!! it is such a HUGE fruitcake from italy.

thank you my friend!!!! *muacks*

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