Sunday, January 24, 2016

Princess Serenity

so... we expanded our sailor team to cover the gown version and the outer senshis for the recent stgcc event! and i got to make the dress that i most like for sailormoon, following this version.

some more picture spams of her before i go to the real thing because the artworks are all so pretty!!!

ok enough i shall start with the non-cloth part...

well, i sort of got help from jes when she dropped by my house one day by forcing her to cut all the circles for me. wahhahaha. oops. then i just had to wrap all of them up afterwards.

the shoulder part was also made out of foam. i thought this was probably the best way to maintain all the funny curves the shoulder has.

spray painting all the parts
and joining them together to form both sides
sticking in the chains of rhinestones
and fianlly drawing in the shades and lines to make it look more 3d and less flat

the crown was straightforward - just needed to dig holes in a strip of foam and stick all the crystals in, then glue all the embellishments on it.

but it was also a failure to wear. i didn't even consider how i would pin it to my head. on the event day i think i used about 20 pins to stick it to my wig. x.x

and then the wand. i got yvonne to help me paint the whole thing white one day when she came over to tailor her stuff. hhehehehe. i jut had to spray paint it afterwards.

then i stuck 3-4 pieces of crescent-cut foam together and shaved the sides so it looks rounded

the rest was just painting and glueing on embellishments to make it work. since it's foam, it's easy to stick a stick inside and glue it to the holes of the pipe.
and we move on to the main piece - the dress~
there's the all easy bustier... but i should have made the bust area bigger so that it would look like i have more boobs...

after that i laced the edges with sequin lace and pearls

then sticking on the rings. the bottom rings were sewed over since the stitches would be covered by the silver lace.

the skirt is just the usual circle skirt overlayed with the irritating glitter cloth...

then joining them together!!!

and the back ribbon is easy. there's interface underneath so it could 'stand' upright. the cloth is quite creasy so i spent some time ironing it before the event...

the final cloak. i actually had the cloak made already for cosmos so i just used it for this. figures i'll just detail everything if i wanna use it again for cosmos. the feather is pinned on. again i underestimated how much it would drop during the event. bleahs. another failed creation.

and the last thing was wig styling... i really don't like that m-shaped centre parting ting. but oh well..

oh... not to forget the moon on her forehead~ i cut out a few using pvc just in case any one gets lost...

and the whole set is done...

and my favourite photo from the event by zerarrrrrrr

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