Monday, January 25, 2016

Nam So Yu - Blade and Soul WIP

oops didn't realise i didn't post this!
anyhow i was supposed to use this costume for comex, but it turned out that the only piece that i could use was the dress itself, and all other accessories were lost, so i had to remake all of them =_=

let's start from the head

made the flowers myself as i wasn't able to purchase similar ones. they're really just pvc with painted cores. the stigmata was all bought and stuffed in.

the hairpins weren't so hard, just a mix and match of different balls and gems.

the longer ball pin was also quite straightforward. from my great big stash of gems and dangles i managed to string together a whole chain of this. the round thing is just a painted ping pong ball~

then putting all of them together on the bun

next is the accessories on her skirt. cut and painted a piece of foam that's lined on the edge with thick string

joined a lot of small little parts and tacked them on this plate, then decorated it with flower and leaves. the chiffon ribbon was connected to tie around my waist.

moving on to her fancy necklace. i think i did the shape a little differently from the original cos i couldn't get a clear picture of it so i just used my imagination.

lastly the other cloth parts. it's just 2 piece of cloth hanging down. the way it's all joined together is more perplexing. oh i sort of remade the top of the necklace so that it's more exact to the actual.

and a final pic of everything worn together!

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