Saturday, December 26, 2015

151226 Hongdae Chocolate

we drove pion back to her house to retrieve new clothes, and then went over to hongdae to have lunch/dinner. i think it was already past 4pm when we were there. wasn't very hungry, but kinda wanted to eat that very spicy ramen we had when we were here once, called teum-se-ramen.

this shop has the spiciest ramen, but to save our poor lips we only chose the moderate spicy level. hehe. love having cheese and egg in my ramen.

after that we went to this really awesome chocolate cafe recommended by pion. at first i was kinda doubtful because chocolate is filling and you can get quick sick of it easily. however, each of us ordered a very chocolatey drink and we shared orange choco cake + lava cake. and after eating all of those, it wasn't filling and i didn't get sick of any of them!! in fact i wanted to eat more. i think i will so come back here another day... the drink i had has baileys inside and it was so yummy. the thick chocolatey drink that pion and namchin had with a little scoop of ice-cream was heavenly... best chocolate cafe i've ever had, and that lava cake!!!!!!!! *_* i'm in love.

we walked the streets a little and met up with lumen, who recommended another ramen shop (japanese-style), so we ordered 2 bowls to share amongst the 5 of us (me, namchin, lumen, pion and ark). so fullllllllllllllllllll.

and since we had a photo, what's better than to make use of him for couple pictures. hahah!

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