Thursday, December 03, 2015

151128 Serenity @ AFA

okkkkkkkkkk i'm finally going to blog about AFA because i'm stuck in the airport right now with 2.5hrs till my connecting flight is here T_T

so anyway i was trying to iron all those cloth at night and i think it did kinda end up looking a little better? i don't know. somehow i think ironing costumes are quite important but i can't seem to iron them properly. either they just go back to being creased after i iron.. or it just doesn't look perfectly ironed.

aaaand i was so excited about the event that i couldn't really sleep. so i woke up at 6am, tossed and turned and finally got out of bed to start preparation at 8am. yvonne came over at 930 to join, and we left house at 11am.

took about an hour or so for me to get my wig and crown right... and i finally got out of the toilet to meet lopez at 115pm. had a short translation job for the day so had to leave my team for an hour. oops. got to meet the very bishie sansin and kawaii tomiyaaaaa. was also surprised to see liui there!

not forgetting lopez who got me there and pukaaaa~!

when i finished my job, i went back to regather with my shiny team mates. now for photo spams of our awesome group~!!

we have the full team.. with the outer senshis~!!

hurhur we even have luna the kitty meowww

and here's a full team pic from Gohan Photography i picked off FB~!

i'm looking forward to more... jhe the filipino photog came as well~ (who is that in the middle now that i see the pic again ?!?) was great to see familiar faces from previous rampage event...~

and here's meg. she looks like an air stewardess whoo

and max is cross dressing again... tsk tsk

pretty lan lan. unfortunately didn't see yvonne in her full cos. so sad T_T

our team went up to the open air garden to take a short video with kc... whee~!

finally got a nice selfie of myself. wahaah!

team-fieee or wefieee

met a cute girl on my way down... nope didn't get contact. but.. cute! the costume was nice too. my phone was super running out of battery.

but i managed to catch joan before i change out! YAY!

supposed to have a team dinner but ended up with just me, jes, jones, sheryl, mira. had nam nam and desserts at gelare, and met yuanie senpai and her little belly baby~ (no, the below is a picture of food at nam nam okkk)

anyway zerar surprised me again with 2 very nice pictures on fb, after i took a 5mins photoshoot with him before going up for video taking. so i shall end the post here. whee~!

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