Wednesday, December 02, 2015

crazy busy week.

omg this is such a crazy week and i need to document this.

sat - AFA. serenity cos. yes i totally need to upload the pictures sometime soon. sometime soon. yes...
sun - AFA, went to meet puka/lopez/joan for dinner. don't know why i was stuck in the toilet for half the day.
mon - got the news that i have to fly over to korea. tried to deliver my weapon to lopez so that i don't need to bring them to work. thank goodness maomao drove lopez over to pick up, cos it was raining so heavily!!! packed luggage in the night. tb parcel reached. must thank my bro for collecting.
tues - dinner with puka/joan. another tb parcel reached. bro saved the day again.
wed - dinner/movie with bestie. yet another tb parcel reached. good thing daigou has an office at dhoby ghaut for me to collect. need to travel to meet my sis first to get my uniqlo stuff before meeting for dinner
thu - flying off at 6pm, working for half the day. gotta run home and get luggage... (argh)
fri - need to continue working in korea to settle all my project deadlines. gosh. so many things due!!
sat - event date. wonder how it will go. missing my sat invigilation for this. oh well, at least i'm getting paid...
sun - i guess i finally can breathe, but i will need to pack and go home now. and i have to miss zera's wedding this time. need to find time to pass angpow to him!!!
mon - and then it's a morning flight, reaching at 6pm. will need to settle work stuff for the day since i won't have any access to internet for the whole day T_T sighs.
tues - i'm hoping everything will return to normal. please. no more rush stuff. it's killing me.

have some time to breathe during lunch after writing like 3 briefs (no pun intended) to the creative. crazy busy week!!!!!! i'm really quite worried about my projects in between actually. the no. of times i have sighed for this whole week... i can't count... can't think straight now.

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