Sunday, October 04, 2015

151004 Flight Delay

so here i am... still waiting for my flight status to be updated since it went missing in the morning. due to the bad weather, so many flights today has been cancelled and i feel so helpless and depressed now. we woke up at past 730am, and got ready to head to the airport. the day began with an ominous heavy downpour, though we only need to cross 2 short unsheltered roads to get to the station. today is such a long and tiring day. i had been having diarrhea for the whole night, and only slept for probably 2hrs going in and out the toilet. and it chose to start acting up while i was on the mtr!!! here's that super expensive mtr... zzz

i had to put up with it all the way to the airport, and managed to find a toilet to release all the shit after a torturous 45mins. but i still could take selfies of the expensive train. selfies are still important no matter how shitty i felt.

pwahhh. during our breakfast, i made another run for the toilet. still managed to eat some stuff though.

it was a little past 10am when i prepared to check in. i wanted to wait till 1030 so that i could see mr kong check in, and we could go in together. it seems that my anticipation was short-lived. i did go in at 1015am, but when i finally got to my gate at 1040am, i was told that my 1050am flight was delayed by 30mins. at first i was pretty happy, because it meant that i could probably see mr kong after he checks in. his flight was at 135pm, so it was a gonna be a long wait for him. i think i might have prayed wrongly to actually want a delay. i realised that my flight shifted to another check-in counter after 30mins, and eventually the information of my flight disappeared from the gate. the flight was trapped in the air as it couldn't descend due to the rain. my status indicated that it was delayed to 230pm. mr kong came to join me and we were thrilled.we had dimsum for lunch - a meal to wrap up the trip?? since we didn't have dimsum at all in hk so far.

it was ridiculously expensive for 4 dishes though - at $30++ or 150+hkd. zzz.

it seems his flight was also delayed unfortuntely to 320pm, so we had a good 2-3hrs to shop. we decided to move to the other terminal since the one we were at had nothing much to look at. we shopped all the branded stuff there and wanted to eat some food but look at all the queues... jeez.

some interesting stuff at the terminals anyway... tuna cans of buddha statue.

hk-style trick eye...

and it seems that our flight gates were not updated at all! eventually my flight at 230pm had no updates, and mr kong's got delayed to 420pm. his was updated with a gate shortly after, at the gate my flight was supposed to be at. all the red words are flights delayed due to typhoon. it was so bad.

we had starbucks while waiting for his flight, and suddenly his status turned to Final Call at 340pm! so lucky T_T i had to send him off while i crouched at a corner wondering what i would do with myself... my flight is still unknown as of now (8pm) and so i'm trying to fill my time writing blog entries. thankfully there's pc terminals around for me to do so.. but i'd rather much be in singapore right now. i'm thankful that i have insurance to cover the delays, but it's definitely not enough to pay for my lack of sleep, waste of sunday, and very likely, my loss of senses tomorrow. i'm even wondering if i'll be able to turn up for work. if not, i'll have to take a day off and that is a very expensive unpaid day for me T_T and with these calculations, i'm thinking... it's actually not worth it in the end to take a budget airline and suffer all these stress. i looked at the whole day of flight schedules for today and it seems that only budget airlines are having such a long delays. flights such as SQ have a maximum of only 1hr delay or on time. i think i will never put myself in such a situation again. either plan early, or not go overseas w budget airlines again. i'm so upset at this situation and the stress is really not worth it.

i actually tried to fake entries to the other 2 flights departing at 10-11pm, but was unsuccessful. DAMMIT.
in the end my flight only took off at 3.50am. that's 17hrs of delay. JUST GREAT. the only comfort was that i was so tired i layed across all 3 seats and slept till i arrived. there was so little people left since 50% of them took the other 2 flights, that almost all of us got 3 seats each.

TIGER AIRWAYS i will never ever take you again. and i will also never visit HONG KONG again unless it's free. in a summary, this country is expensive, small, dirty, squeezy, full of rude chinese, poor service and bad/expensive shopping. it's worse off than being in singapore, in every single way.

or maybe, i was just there at the wrong time. hur............. T_T

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