Saturday, October 03, 2015

151003 Macau

since i've never been to macau, i decided to take a day trip there w 00. we woke up around 9am and headed out straight to sheung wan to board our ferry. found a nice breakfast spot here too!

the ferry seats are actually better than expected, but the tickets are not cheap either. it was about 360hkd for 1 person, for a return trip on turbojet. the ride was an hour long and we slept through it, reaching at 12pm.

when we reached, we took the shuttle bus just opposite the road outside to get to Venetian hotel. it's actually the only thing i wanted to visit in Macau, but Kami sent me a day trip itinerary the day before so i would know where to visit too.

saw a place selling lots of pretty venetian masks and couldn't help but snapped a photo sneakily...

we had the salted caramel latte and salted caramel macaron from mac. drink was just like a normal latte, but the macaron was good.

the famous thing at venetian hotel, aside from the pretty interiors was the portugese egg tart. it wasn't a very long queue thankfully. the egg tarts were worth it! so crispy and tasty!!

there's boat rides inside, but it's pretty costly... we roamed a few shops here and there and actually if you weren't visiting the casinos there's really nothing much to do except shopping.

well, don't think you'd wanna visit the casinos when it looks like this...

around 2+pm, we decided to head back to the terminal to explore the things around there was raining SO HEAVILY then. i'm glad we're indoors. the bus queue was crazy long, as usual and there don't seem to be taxis running due to the Golden Week. the bus frequency came every 5-10mins though so we managed to get on after about 30mins of waiting. phew.

back at the ferry, we took a bus to town (after we went through the shopping mall to get change for bus rides). it costs only 3.2hkd per person, and we took about 5-6 stops to the san antorio square. there were flood of people trying to get on the bus and people weren't moving in. there were loud arguments again, which was not surprising anymore.

usually, this would have been a pretty lovely spanish-like place with european ambience, but they seemed to think putting a Forbidden Castle float in the middle would lift the whole celebration ambience, so it looked like any other parts of china that day TwT

caught some sailormoon merchandise selling at sasa! make-up!

we squeezed through the crowd all the way to st paul ruins, but didn't give up. i think it's only a broken gate up there, and i didn't want to waste my energy in the heat.

tried the pork chop bun listed in the itinerary too, but i think it's not really my style. the bun is crispy and the meat is nice, but the pairing is just a little too plain for my liking.

finally caught a space without anyone.

it's called the lover street or something.

also tried the bakwa in the various shops. bee cheng hiang, is still the best.

visited the government provincial building to find a toilet, but it was pretty nice inside, and was actually a tourist spot by itself. there was wifi there too!

mr kong managed to find a good portugese restaurant nearby which only opens at 6pm. we joined the queue since it was supposedly good, to reward ourselves for a fruitful day. mr kong found this via a naver blog recommendation. we realised it seems that lots of koreans came here too, probably due to the blog. they might have been cheated though...

ordered 2 dishes, white wine and pudding. the dishes are nice, but the cream curry was a little too much for 1 person to eat (it's the kind of creaminess which is nice, but you get sick of it easily).

the pudding the nice!!!! mr kong got a little dizzy from the white wine though.

we paid almost 500hkd for the dinner. however nice it is, i find that it is way too pricey and i wouldn't actually visit this again. actually, i might never even come to macau again, since i've visited all the places i want to. i think macau is just a more expensive extension of hongkong, really.

took the ferry back and we boarded the one at 730pm instead of 8pm. yay! i like this level of flexibility.

unfortunately we still reached at 9pm. the sea was a little rocky and there were sudden bumps on the way back which woke us up. woah.. i thought the boat was going to flip.

we reached mongkok at 930+pm and started to look for places to shop, since mr kong wanted to get my birthday present. but the jewelry shops around like show sang sang and chow luk fu and all the chows.... are just too 'retro' for my liking. it's a wonder how they can have like 5 LARGE shops in every single area. wanted to watch a midnight movie (shingeki at 1245am) too but i was feeling lazy and wanted to roll around in hotel instead. it was raining so heavily, and i didn't feel like being in a cold theatre with other people.

ended up watching despicable me with mr kong back in our hotel. it was a good thing we didn't go out for shingeki movie, because my diarrhea started to act up. i made several trips over the night and couldn't sleep well at all. TwT what a horrible night. and i spent my last few hours in hongkong, in the toilet. haiz.

oh my bedsheet is finally changed. i can tell because there's now a hole on the edge. good job aunty. the towels are all changed and folded too since i messed the towels to indicate i didn't want to use it. but the toilet was still not cleaned... toothpaste on the floor from the morning remained... can't expect too much i guess...!!

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