Monday, December 07, 2015

151206-07 Yongin

the last day at yongin was a super lazy one... woke up past 12... went out to have my fav al-pab (roe rice), followed by coffee at starbucks. the guys were excited at the customized concoctions at starbucks so they ordered those while i had myself a warm pannetone christmas latte.

there's so many limited edition starbucks tumbler for sales here.. woah

got my sis the snowman tumbler since she wanted it. 31k won... wahhh.

back at yong-in, we lazed around some more with the cute kitties. for some reason, they learnt how to open doors so they kept sneaking in to play around pion's room. and they've already chewed off toothpaste, wires and stuff. naughty kitties...

bang-ryung kept hiding under the bed, so i couldn't capture him.

and decided to watch 2 horror movies - hidden and el orphanato. hidden was so dark, i couldn't even see anything (literally). and the guys kept jumping at every sound. aiyoh =_=

last rofl video of namchin and ark trying to torture param into telling the girl he likes.

and then it was time to sleep....... after i finished packing at like 2am. *yawns*

i had such a good sleep it was so hard to wake at 6am. but throughout the bus ride to the airport, i really fell asleep!!! it seemed like a 10mins ride in the end (it's actually 1.5hrs). last pic before we meet again... 3weeks later!

checked in and my plane departed an hr later, so i missed my connecting flight in Ho Chih Min. had to take the other one 1.5hrs later but at least i got time to reply some mails in between. there's wifi at Ho Chih Min airport now, YAY!!!!!

touched down past 8... and time for the loooong bus ride back home............

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