Friday, December 25, 2015

151225 Christmas!

we got up past 10 to have the cheap korean style buffet that opened up at the bottom of eunhwasam, which costs only 5000won!! (that's like $8??) it's crazy but the food is pretty decent at that price. free flow!! you can cook as many eggs as you want too.

after that, we walked back to the office and rested a little, before going out to pick lunavero. there was gonna be a partaaaay tonight with all the team members. wheee~ we had a quick dinner at chicago pizza and pion went over to paris baguette to get a christmas cake.

cheese cheese cheeeeeese

we did some quick shopping for snacks and drinks for tonight as well.

at night myboo came over and bought baskin robbins ice cream cake!!! so we dug ourselves in both cakes. and the food. whoaaaaa.

we played the dalmuti card game which was pretty fun hahahaha and finally we decided to go catch a movie in namchin's movie room. it was already past 12am, so christmas was over. but we saw that it snowed heavily outside!! korea didn't disappoint! it was a white christmas after all, albeit late.

we took our muscato and wine upstairs and pion had the brilliant idea to use all the snow as ice for our wine. wahhahaha. we watched crimson peak together and though the plot was somewhat twisted and weird, the girls enjoyed loki's butt.

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