Thursday, December 24, 2015

151223-24 Departure for KR

the dec trip must have been the most boring trip made... and i suppose moving on all future trips to korea will be as mundane and will have lesser and lesser pictures... x.x but it was just made worse because i had to entertain 2 jobs in between. sighs. though it was kinda expected, but having it realised just sucked more.

so anyway i flew off midnight and my sis drove me to the airport. whee! had to do some last min shopping to grab my kaya and christmas gift for namchin's family. managed to get the star wars plushie for my sis as well. yay~ so many star wars at changi.

departed around 2am after lounging around the seats at check-in and finishing up some more work. i don't know what got into me but i seemed to have misread my ticket and thought i would land at 7am. in the end i landed at 9+ and after checking out, it was already 10am. was finally taking a decent flight (KR arlines) but there had to be a baby beside me cos the plane was full. thank goodness the baby was super quiet and asleep the whole time, or i might have gone crazy.

so..... the poor guys waited 3 hrs for me, and giro waited 2hrs before going off first. i'm so embarrassed T_T

we went for a quick breakfast at isaac toast before going back to eunhwasam. everyone was kinda dead beat cos they pulled an all-nighter on an MV shoot just the night i was flying. so we kinda lazed around home and only got out to have dinner later on at olive hill. 

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