Wednesday, December 30, 2015

151230 Tonkatsu KINGGGGG

nope, i forgot the name of this place but for lunch we had the biggest tonkatsu ever. it should be deemed, king.

it's like 6x a normal phone.

there's normal tonkatsu of course, that skasha had.

and i had udon.

around 5pm, i took a bus out to meet angeline, lucy and mong. we were supposed to go jamsil but halfway through my bus seemed to keep getting stuck on the way and i thought i wasn't ever going to make it. so i changed the meeting place to gangnam instead.

turned out i arrived pretty much on time... around 7. haha.

we had jajangmyeon for dinner since angeline hasn't tried it, then we went to nua at ann's cafe.

i ordered matcha but the color was an odd green (kinda like apple green). it doesn't show in the pictures but it was really weird. i guess for themed cafes, it's really best to go for safe options, like chocolate. can't imagine anything to go wrong for chocolate......

trying to catch the bus a little before 11... i took 5001-1 which doesn't stop at yongin terminal but myeongji-dae. but it's ok, i got a little lost, walked around and asked some passerbys, and in the end it turns out yong-in terminal was just 4 stops away. pretty near, so no worries at all! hahhahaha.

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