Saturday, December 05, 2015

151205 Mabinogi Heroes Concert

pretty exciting for my first commissioned event in korea! it was the launch of mabinogi brand shop at hyundai dept store, and there was some really long queue going on before we reached, for people who wish to purchase the art book. i've never seen such crazy queues. but anyway, completed my make up there in less than 30mins...

so there was 6 of us cosplaying there - hegi, lethita, the 2 vellas, arisha and rin. hegi was done by a professional male model while rin was done by this girl from Cotton Candy group. the rest of us are from CSL - lumen, eki, pion and me.

here's all the group shots i koped from various naver blogs...

we started standing around since 1030am... and only finished off 8pm. omg. it was so tiring having to juggle between 15mins break and 45mins posing... my eyes were drying from all the photography flashes. thank goodness we have a short lunch break in between... the food is so niceeee yummm.

me and pion was a team and sometimes rin will join us. love these photos taken by hyun bin! and eki's processing... don't know what she did to my face but it looks nice hahahah.

i kinda like this picture somehow. hehe. dear namchin looks so kok 'cute'. lol.

and before the end of event... some selfies!!

with my dearest... he macham came in his pyjamas lo.

here's the brand shop btw...
(took it at the end of the day, so there's no one)

and then it's off to have dinner... change out!! we went to have korean buffet (gyejeol papsang). honestly i didn't really have much appetite after a long day... esp since it was already 10pm when we got there. but not to waste the money for buffet... i stuffed some stuff in anyway T_T

and then it was time to zonk off.....................

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