Thursday, October 01, 2009

of course, nobody remembered.
and the mooncake is just some leftover you pulled out from one of the gifts you got.
i guess it's the thought that counts, that even impromptu ideas count.
but what could have been really better, is that you release me from the pain you saw i was in and just let me go.
but you didn't.
and now i'm suffering from uncontrollable outbursts - and the world taints from the bluriness.

it's when everything you do doesn't get recognised.
and you receive blows from all directions, no matter how hard you tried.
it's when you know you become the problem, and you are the problem, even if you know you're not.
it's when you start taking the brunt for everyone else and lose credit for things you didn't do.
and it makes things worse to know that right where you're facing this, signs of the departed approaches, and an occasion descends, and you know you can't mark the point of either, you're lost and you wish you might as well give up and just fade.

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