Monday, June 04, 2012

hooked on inhyun's man

haven't blogged for so long.. so i'm going to make a post on all the recent dramas i've been spasming over... *_* 1) princess prosecutor i paused rooftop prince and fashion king after i watched an episode of this. park shi hoo is so amazing here T_T he makes me cry!!!

2) queen inhyun's man teaser

still in the midst of watching this. jin hyun woo is really charming here. imagine a yangban josen man, well-mannered and all - he's so charming. where on earth can we find a guy like this now?! i think he's not good looking from certain angles, but that smile! and the way he talks.. and how he treats the people around him. WINS. pwns all. spasms over. i guess this is how character overrules everything (of cos looks still help xp)

really love this mv

i am so so deeply poisoned. this man has set a new standard for the modern man, and surpassed all expectations of a lover. T_T

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