Sunday, June 26, 2016

160626 DC Cafe

the suicide squad team went down to DC cafe to get free drinks!
i'm kidding, it just so happens that the manager was happy with us and gave us free drinks.
but before that, work first.

there was this really awesome steampunked joker, so i had to grab her! and yes that's her daughter!!

gotta have a pic with my 'boyfriend'. she looks so huggable and cute.

guess who is batman!!!

can't forget our highlight - pretty harley!~~

our sexy enchantress 10stars~!

and miss reporter came fashionably late...

the menu was very expensive so no one ate. but we had cheesy fries and it was cheesy and yummy.

as they say, when you visit a themed cafe, it's best to go with chocolate based drinks cos they can never go wrong, and NEVER take berry drinks (or anything pink/red). tested and proven. lan had the sales person recommend her a drink - it was berry based and tasted like cough syrup with a stack of whipped cream.

then again it's just personal taste. mine was latte with an orange twist. pretty good~! or maybe i'm just biased, because i hate anything with whipped cream.

can't remember what 10stars ordered. but it was definitely better tasting than lan's.

we went for a short shoot with lois lane. maria's photography skills really up many levels. love the shots she took with her phone!!!

ending the post with harley babe~

had a short full dress rehearsal, dinner at bugis+ before we all went home for the day. wheee~~~

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