Tuesday, October 22, 2002

i just looked at the gb, heh heh, cos you know my sis' com prob... everytime i try to go gb, then it brings me to diaryland. stupid.... so you know why i didn't sign any of you guys' gb now... :'/
anyway, to xm: you gotta have a goal if you want to get in rjc! hahah... like me! i'm motivated to work cos of lalalaA... but i think the work force a bit drained out because turns out that lalalaB is gonna go there after the 'o's. oh damn... maybe i shall accompany you to acjc huh, then won't meet lalalaC and lalalaB there in sajc... but i like sajc! so what the hell...
to sibird: dehh... it's the stupid lalala la... yeah i think i was too sensitive because i sort of ticked mou2 mou3 lalala off, then mou2 mou3 lalala says it wasn't to avoid me hohoh, but still, so coincidental meh?! ehh... heck la, not my prob... i sort of got into a messy situation with mou2 mou3 lalala... haiz, but mou2 mou3 lalala is not my target (i hope) so i don't give a damn about m2m3 lalala
don't ask me who all the lalalas are HEE HEE

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