Sunday, January 15, 2006

just completed magna carta tears of blood. it's that feeling you get when you look so much to completing and you've done it, then you've got nothing to look forward to anymore. the ending of it was pretty satisfying, though short, and all the graphics were worth the patience!

watched memoirs of a geisha yesterday too. kinda disappointing for a show i looked so forward to. the book is definitely much better. the story pace is SLOOOW (seems to be the norm for everything i'm looking forward to nowadays), i almost fell asleep and the subtitles were so bad that i couldn't really catch what they were saying. it's fortunate i've read the book, else i won't have an inkling of what the hell was going on. i'm suprised dad didn't fall asleep. when it was around 1.5hours i thought the show was past limit, it felt like 3hours had past.

muscle ache ever since i got back from kendo. the strain on my shoulders - OUCH. guess that's the price you pay for trying to be independent. and i can't believe my calf muscle aches too. first time i'm haing pain all over. dakara, mochiron watashi can't go for today's morning training... (not to mention it's so darn far away and i've to wake up when the sun's not up) sorry guys, guess you can't put too much faith on me for the competition, and sorry SMU kendo club, you'll have to be embarrassed again...

and hey i've to get back to FA already! watched a lame show called madagascar, completed my stuff so enough fooling around, i gotta be back on track yeah... oh wait... there's still dinner... hmmm FA can wait hahaha - no way i can't repeat my MA mistakes again... (-_-`)

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