Friday, January 20, 2006

lots of thoughts running through my head...

first off, even if you feel that you are better than your seniors, does that give you authority to disrespect them, humiliate or laugh at them? no matter what, seniors are still seniors, and i do respect them unless they totally failed the job.

and secondly, if kendo is turning you into such a bakemono who lusts for blood, wouldn't it be better for you to quit it? (there is NO visible blood shed with any one of your hits anyway)

kendo is discipline. if the men alone shields you from differentiating right and wrong, friend or foe, then you have not the discipline yet.

lastly, we would definitely support your decision to keep silent as we won battles after battles, because you are not even fit to be called part of us. and yes, laugh if we fall, because it won't even be worth a notice for us.

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