Friday, January 13, 2017

170113 Jun Ki Launch

i get to see lee jun ki again!!
he's back to advertise for resident evil with milla jovovich.
even though he's in a minor role this time, it doesn't matter, i will still watch out for him. and of cos, i'm at co-ex specially for him!

the place was already super crowded by the time it was nearing the premieres. i actually don't really like to wait a long time so i came in just 15mins or so before the premieres to squeeze with the people. there were people who didn't even know what was happening squeezing together, and in front of me. it was so irritating. they didn't even move off after being told off by one of the lady who waited longer than me. in any case, after much nudging and pushing for over 30mins, the guests finally appeared! so here's my very short take on my idol.

after they moved to the red carpet the crowd also followed and we basically walked round and round the area till we get a super short glimpse, while being chased away by the security guards constantly to keep moving.

anyway after i had my eye-fill, we went for lunch with giro. this is actually a combination of canteen food and buffet. you can pick all the dishes you want, as much as you as long as it can fit in your tray for just a minimum amount. i think it was 7 or 8k, can't remember.

took a little tour around the marvel shops near the event area before we headed off.

and that marks my 2nd time seeing dear junki-ssi. love love.

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