Thursday, March 30, 2017

170330 Daejeon - Hanbat, Euneungjeongi

homg i have not updated for a good 3 months. just came back from a solo trip to daejeon and i shall start the first post of the year with that and slowly catch up with the rest...

so yup impulse trip in the morning after insomnia in the middle of the night. packed with no plans, and only booked a motel while on the bus over. it takes slightly less than 2hrs from yongin by the intercity bus. and yes, gotta love the highlights board at each city, it basically just sums up all the stuff you have to visit.

checked in at my motel after walking around for almost an hr looking for it. after exiting the bus terminal, i totally walked in the wrong direction, headed back to the terminal than walked to the next bus stop only to realise it was just behind the bus terminal. yup, took ONE HUGE ROUND to find something just behind me =_=

the reception ajumma looks like she sleeps there 24/7 since the reception is kinda built like her house with a bed there. she's very friendly and always greets me with a big smile. MAX motel is equipped with everything a traveler or a runaway needs, lol. all at a whooping $38 per night (or 27,000 won). booked it on agoda so it might have been a discounted rate, not sure...

in any case, i decided to head to Hanbat Arboreteum as my first stop. it's just about 40mins away from the terminal with a single bus transfer. upon reaching, you can rent a bike for 3k won/30mins or 5k won/1hr. the place is big but a lot of the gardens can't be accessed by bike, so i think 30mins is actually enough to just zoom around and check out what you wanna visit, then return and travel on foot. here's my pretty pink bike. since i took an hr, had to park it somewhere. thank goodness the bike lock can be obtained at the same place for free.

went to the east garden to take a look since that's the only one opened. a pity all the trees here and semi bald, since it's still in a transition from winter to spring. there's only a little bit of bloom there T_T

walked up to the only bird's eye view you can take there.

top view!

there's also a pavilion in the middle of the garden.

and a playground in front. there's actually more people here at the playground here than the rest of the garden. all the picnickers...

and i finally saw some miserable blooms....

haha some closeups of the blooms i found!

these are larger blooms, it's almost as big as my fist. (or bigger)

after that i cycled over to the cultural centre but i didn't go in. some cyclist rammed into me but he fell over instead. oops.

thought i might as well head to the science expo since it's nearby.

but... the place was very big and i didn't know which building to go. there was really NO ONE and everything looks closed. i was hungry and gave up and went to the first place that seems to sell tasty stuff... starbucks...

lol. after curing my hunger and lazing around a bit, decided to head down to the euneungjeongi streets. another straight-off 40mins bus ride away. you can recognise you're here with this exotic space colored bridge that reminded me of the place we shot sombra.

euneungjeongi street is characterized by the huge LED screens above.

really fancy huh?

hehehe. did some shopping then went back to my motel area. decided to have a quick bite at CU. wasn't hungry but felt i should eat something... so i ended up eating soup and juice. =_=

back to motel land...

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