Friday, March 30, 2018

Minigold Make Up Bracelet Watch - Rose Gold

I have been looking around for a small little watch with a bracelet strap style and jewelry chains and i'm so glad that i managed to find minigold!! before that i had been surfing around taobao and found a lot of which i like but i just wanted a local brand.. oops.

taobao advertised julius as a korean brand and the watches are actually sold in korea, but probably 30% more expensive? i'm not sure who's the original creator but i realised that minigold also sells a watch with a similar design to julius'. julius watch sold on taobao here. julius actually has a lot of designs that i quite like. 

and here's the minigold version here (and twice the price):

anyway since this was almost a copy... nope, not gonna get it. but i was hooked by that dangling jewel design and i eventually managed to find a similar one sold by Minigold. i also wanted a more solid strap (rather than the nua kind) lololol. and this is the one i found eventually! this is the watch featured on their official website. minigold also has a few watches that i'm quite fond of, which i only saw after i made this purchase. not that i'm regretting, i super like this watch <3 p="">

it even comes with 2 extra jewels for you to change. i quickly ordered it from GS Shop since it gave lots of discount. so with the original price at 79.8k, i actually managed to get it at about 70k with all the discounts. yay~

it arrived within 3 days? korean postal is pretty fast! it even comes with the minigold paper bag. for some reasons most of the products here deliver with the paper bag.

to my dismay, the other 2 jewels were not given!! i had to contact GS to give me my 2 extra jewels by using their 1:1 talk on the phone app. unfortunately, each submission closes with 1 reply and i had to keep putting in new submissions. initially i had to keep reminding them to give me a reply but after i got irritated they seem to sense it and was suddenly super enthusiastic about giving me updates. i think i had to speak to them for about 3-4days while confirming with pictures via the talk and via email to the original shop, that i really DID NOT receive it.

and finally they sent the other 2 jewels to me. i had expected a tiny package but it was in just as big a parcel as when the watch first came lolol it was quite funny.

it even came with ANOTHER mini paper bag, and a minibox (meant for rings i suppose). very very nicely packaged! a little extravagant but what gives..!!

me and my pretty little watch. i love it so much!!! the face is a quartz crystal surface and it's so tiny. the dangling jewel just adds a unique touch to it. the strap was waaaay too long and thankfully we had the device to make watch straps shorter at home. actually i checked with the minigold offline shops and they could actually help to adjust too. unfortunately when i went the staff who could do it wasn't there so ended up nampyeon fixed it for me.

sadly on the first day i wore it, i lost that original crystal T_T i think it got caught on my coat and was probably pulled off unknowingly. it's so small that i was not able to find it since it got lost in public areas. and so i have decided to diy some jewels myself so that i would not be in such heartache if i lose them again T_T and i'm definitely not going to use the extra 2 jewels sent to me...!!!

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