Saturday, April 14, 2018

Unix Take-out - Mini Multi Iron USB from Olive and Young

hello guysss
i am back
i decided that i will just blog when i feel like it and maybe start to write reviews on certain products that i want to recommend! i need somewhere to keep track of my life T_T

so anyway starting off with a curler i just bought (like a few hours ago). i was looking for a good travel curler to bring for my japan trip so i can do my bangs properly when i'm there. i have decided to challenge myself to maintain the see-through bangs i did just 2 days ago. please excuse my act-cuteness - i know i rarely do this XDDDD. anyway i spammed selfies for that day because i realise i can never style the same way again T_T

i had my eyes on this unix curler sold at Olive and Young and i realised that all the online stores were selling at more than 22k won but the offline Olive and Young store had them at 18k. the only catch was the white curler was more expensive at 20k while the blue one was sold at 18k.

... and it seems that way for all the seoul stores. yongin's Olive and Young had the white and blue one at 18k! so it does seem like location do matter even though these stores are all the same franchise...!!!

so anyway here it is! the cable and the iron is packaged separately. the packaging team must have forgotten to include cable in the box hahahaha. oh btw it is one of the few rare curlers that is powered by usb. however due to the deep set hole the usb you're plugging in can't be too big...

 and here's everything fitted into the free pouch~~

i gave my hair a little test with the curler. it powers up in about 10secs and wala~ a nice c-curl done~! i just had a bath but the section i'm curling is dried. it's ceramic-coated as well so it's supposed to minimise hair damage. i realised that you can no longer find non-ceramic coated curlers around here (not that you would want to buy one...) anyway.

if you're interested in the specs, you can find out more here on their official website: 

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