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180423 USJ - Sailormoon, Minions

the whole point about osaka's trip is basically USJ! that's the only reason that brought me back. there was the seasonal change in rides and this time both sailormoon and final fantasy were in!!! it's only there till june so i had to hurryyyy. thank goodness i live just 2 hours away XDDDD

we woke up at like 730am and reached around 840am, just 20mins before the gates open. in any case i bought my tickets online so i can just show them the QR codes to get in directly. yay! 

i bought the entrance tix at 7,900 JPY + express ticket for sailormoon that included a luna p bottle at 2,038 JPY + express tickets for final fantasy and monster hunter at 2,593 JPY. since i've already been to harry potter and my whole point was ff and sailormoon, this was about the cheapest option for me. i wanted that luna bottle anyway. if not, you could just get the express 4 tickets for ff + monster hunter + sailormoon + conan at 6,300 JPY. however, i wasn't interested in conan. last time i went for the escape game for biohazard i was almost bored to death for 2 hours and i suppose it's more or less the same... so nope, no escape game.

anyway i arranged my trip on a monday so there probably isn't that many people right? WRONG! there was already a HUGE crowd when i reached. thank goodness the gates start to open around 8.50 so we didn't have to wait that long to get in...

we basically ran all the way to spiderman and we got in at less than 5mins. hurhurhuhru. right in the first seat with the best view. and we were the only ones in the whole shuttle that's supposed to hold 12 people. when we were done, there was still no queue. XDDD

next was minions. it was just right beside spiderman, so easy to find. minions land!!!

and i guess this is where all the crowds gathered at because we waited for a whooping 60mins (or maybe less?).

the good thing was there's all this screen around showing minion animation that's made for USJ and it's actually pretty interesting, with english subs. i didn't notice the long wait because i was too busy watching it and it's actually quite long.

just about when i finish the whole episode i was in!

there was a whole story mode before you get on the actual ride, about Gru making a machine to turn people into minions.

and then it was the ride! whee hee! i managed a snap of the final scene hurhurhurhu. we were again, in the middle, at the first row. such luck! bless my clean shot.

short snaps of minions land before we headed to the next ride.

there was also a show that happened later in the day when we passed by after monhun.

next we went for the jurassic park flying predator ride!!! you basically lie flat as if you are flying throughout the ride. it was really awesome!! and we only waited for like 30-40mins.

and finally it was time for my first express pass to be used - sailormoon!

the showtimes happen every 20mins. and you really don't need to queue because not a lot of people were watching it. and you can just get in right before the show starts to avoid queuing. don't really need the express pass unless you want the merchandise...

here are some carts that were selling merchandise just outside the theatre. the popcorn box was really well done but i didn't get it.

someone happened to put that popcorn box beside the 2 cats so i just had to snap it. yes, that bag is a popcorn box. fwaaaaah

here's also my luna p bottle that i collected. it's actually much smaller than expected (about palm size). their ramune actually referred to ramune sweets inside those pink packaging. tasted not so bad.

and then into the theatre we go! i'm actually not supposed to take these pictures but hahahahah oh well bad tourist!

sailormoon is a 4D show so expect water, wind, moving chairs and bubbles! it was a nostalgic recollection for me but i think nampyeon laughed at all the cheesiness... people who have no idea what sailormoon is... better don't waste your time!! oh and there was like massive advertisement for that crystal wand. kept asking people to get it and light it up together to 'save the world'.

and then we head into the real merchandise stores.... photos spam ahead! i'm gonna put up all the sailormoon stuff there is!!

are you prepared! here goes!

1) jewelry hangers, exclusive serenity one as well

2) tea bags. the cans were pretty enticing...

3) sweet cans.. now this is even more purchase worthy since it's in the shape of the transformation device...!!


3) the prettiest serenity cookie can which i finally decided to get.

4 different designs and 2 different tastes inside. it was really just too pretty to be eaten...!!!

4) phone pouch/holder but it doesn't seem to be able to hold my phone although it looks quite big.

 5) that magical wand that can save the world. had to take a picture of it for remembrance sake.

6) the shirts that allow you to become hippy sailors

they had other tshirt designs as well as the cape towel too. this picture was taken at the cart outside but they had those in store as well.

7) complete your hippy outlook with these bows...!

8) if you do not want bows you can always have the magical sceptres in your hair instead - yes, these are hairpins...!

9) or maybe you want the whole moon sceptres to be pinned to your bags or clothes instead? brooches here!

10) watch with changing colored rings

 11) one of the prettiest item there - the necklace. (but also easily found on taobao)

12) maybe you will want 5 lip balms all at once too..?? i wanted a lip balm but i didn't need 5...

13) Tumblers, earpiece and totes. the earpiece has a serenity emblem in the middle. i wonder how's the sound/comfort level...

14) stationery - dispenser tape, cases and post-it notes

15) pillows! more totes!

16) right, how can we leave out a gacha for fans to throw all their money till they get the whole collection?

and if you are hungry by now, time to head to the cafe.

i wanted to eat them but on second look, they don't look very tasty so i kept my wallet safe.

on the way to the next ride, we managed to catch the terminator 4D show which was supposed to have like 50mins waiting time.

anyway if you catch the show timings properly, you don't even have to wait. just enter right before it shows. the theatre is so big you're usually bound to have seats. so don't wait dumbly in line for them...

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