Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Jill Stuart - Lip Blossom #38

just came back from japan and i'm so sad because i lost my favourite crescent lip balm T_T
but at least i managed to get a replacement - somewhat.
i've been targeting jill stuart's lippies for some time and it's sold the cheapest in japan. hehe. KIX airport was offering a reservation service at 5% off their products + tax free at their site, so it was just perfect timing!!!

the lippie is sold at around 2,500 JPY without tax, and with japan's tax at 8%, it retails at 2,700 JPY. but i managed to get mine at 2,375 JPY. cheap thrills, but it's still about 5bucks of savings!!! and i could cut the queue at counters (there was quite a long queue before 9am at those tax-free shops!!!).

anyway i liked this design because of that little mirror! it's so handy. i don't need to carry an extra mirror with me all the time now. and look at that intricately carved J on the top of the lippie. although it's gonna fade off later, it's still a nice touch. in any case, the design is just loveeeeeeeeeee (",)

this is how the colour appears. i actually have a hard time picking the colors because it's supposed to be a tinted balm yet colours before #38 doesn't seem to appear on my lips. so i had to pick one of the darker red for it to show slightly on my lips. (of cos, i tested all the colors at a jill stuart shop before i placed my order online hurhuhrur)

btw i've managed to post my trip for USJ!
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