Monday, April 23, 2018

180423 USJ - Harry Potter, Monster Hunter

now that i've blogged such a long one on sailormoon, i'm gonna separate ff out and give it its own post as well. however, my express tickets were around 4pm so i'll be going into harry potter first.

we went the wrong direction and ended up at the souvenier shop that's near the entrance of usj. i've already taken a lot of pictures in my osaka post super long ago, so i didn't take a lot of pictures here.

 anyway, we're in potter town!

the only ride we went on was the quidditch one because nampyeon felt the hippogriff one was too slow and kiddish so we didn't go on that one. the q time was surprisingly fast (about 50mins). In the morning it was about 60-80mins. the other part of the crowd that didn't go for minions were all gathered here in the morning, so probably avoid it in the morning...??

we didn't get to enjoy the decoration in the q line previously since we got the express pass. this time we could. XDD

the ride was awesome as always... definitely a must go.
i can't remember if i've taken all these pictures before but i went into some stores again and took them since they were rather interesting. owl's post!

there was just a show happening outside. nice. these kids were trying to move the big rock behind and performed wingardium leviosa magic with a lucky spectator.

see the stone hidden in the trees on the right...

i enjoyed the show with my frozen butterbeer. costs 750 JPY. imo the frozen one tastes better than the normal one but both are good in any case.

 we exited potter town since it was almost time for my monster hunter ride to happen. sesame streets performance while we were walking over there. the lady can really sing.

and we are now at monster hunter.

i have mixed feelings about this ride. i bought the express pass not because i wanted to see this, as i thought it was the same exhibition as before. i only bought it because i could not get ff separately. i kind of pity the people who waited in line expecting great things from this ride...

so basically you take a little tool that stimulates an AR weapon on screen, and you pose with the weapon to get great pictures with the monsters. like the following:

the pictures look pretty cool anyway. they allow you to download these for free. however, just make sure you go with people you know? people in the back seem to appear better. i'm mostly covered by weapons since i'm int he front. and you don't really know when the pictures get taken so when a monster appears, just stay really still in a super cool position and don't change it till the monster switches position... if you want good pictures... =_=

anyway... if you felt that the monster slaying wasn't very satisfying - you can't swing the weapon and you don't actually have to kill it, they are programmed to get hit and die even if you don't move - you can always play them on pc near the exit...

not that i will waste my time like that in usj. so let's move on to the souvenier shop. these are actually in the same shop as the sailormoon ones but i separated them out to this post. since i'm not a big fan of mon hun, i shall touch on just ever so briefly.

the merchandise looks pretty well-designed except i've got my eyes on other series so i wasn't really interested.

Do check out the other parts of usj here:

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