Wednesday, February 07, 2007

do i have a common face?
i had a high school friend telling me that 'i' appeared in a driving centre. (i just fired my instructor, won't be appearing there anytime soon anyway) - i was in school.
and yesterday, a primary school friend claims that 'i' appeared at orchard. phew, luckily you didn't ask her if she was me - i was at home.

am waiting for xm to finish her career consultation. arghhh i'm screwed i'm screwed!!!!!
i had 3 tests in a row!! let's derive joy from poor old me's wonderfully exciting schedule:
monday: finance quiz, bp homework due, ft interview recording (and i so totally blew it)
tuesday: i.e. quiz (below average standing... oh well i must be getting stupid)
wednesday: consumer behaviour quiz (why did i think it was gonna be simple... huh.), oh shit xm just reminded me that i have an internship talk. and i have my bp meeting today. the woes of poor planning.
thursday: oh yay! i'm gonna skip my part time job.
friday: marketing research quiz
saturday: (and i'm skipping kendo for the 3rd consecutive time. i feel so bad. i want to sing kbox today though)
sunday: business process midterm (holy, CHEERS, i got a test on a sunday.)
monday: finance midterm (man i love my schedule.)
tuesday: -i pray there won't be any more shocks to come-

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