Wednesday, February 14, 2007

happy valentine's day to everyone~

how refreshing, to be able to spend it with a few buddies this year :D shopping! just before the new year. yay~

i'm glad all my midterms and stuff are over. finally can enjoy myself. skipped kendo yesterday. haiz. why am i the only one getting reprimanded for that... urghh... can't i at least relax for a while... maybe i should've went and whack my anger away eh. rather than stay home, eat and get fat. oh well. at least i learnt something useful yesterday.
i think i should increase my demand: 9999 kawasaki roses!!
let's see, i took an hour to do 1, so that's about 10,000 hours = 416days = 1.141 years.
patience, people, patience.

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