Wednesday, May 19, 2010

i know i know... it's only a day away and i haven't packed.
because i was trying to finish my jumong, and i finally finished my last episode yesterday at 1230am.

81 episodes, everyday from 7-1130pm for 2 weeks. lots of fast forwarding and skipping!!! ahhaha especially when i watched it during lunch on mysoju, i was practically moving the slider to skip everything.

let me say that i am glad i managed to pull through (i sound like i went through difficult times...) because the show is really very inspiring.

it talks about this prince who manages to conquer and form gogeuryeo, one of the biggest country in i-don't-know-what-year-but-does-it-matter? by the way you should watch this, THEN seon duk. cos seon duk conquered gogeuryeo AND baekje.

it's amazing because the show talks about how jumong is the chosen person to carry out this great deed of unifying all the lands where it was occupied by the hans (think chinese), and saving the migrants from the hans oppression. even though i don't like having to hear that your destiny is decided, the gods control this and that, it's heaven's will that so-and-so, i felt like for once, it seems that god really has a predestined roles for the people on earth. it's how great history can be carved and new stories are made, isn't it? and it seems that every action that the people take in the show, has an indirect impact to the outcome. and all the actions helped jumong in one way or another, and how all the people also play a part (even the traitors) as they build up jumong's characters and events he must overcome.

another nice thing is the trust and loyalty of his followers, no matter what he did. even at the extreme conditions when they were at the most pessimistic situation they still believed in him. when he risked his life to enter buyeo palace despite many objections - and eventually came out alright - it was just a huge relief and it boosted everyone's confidence on how jumong can really accomplish great things, and that all the people needed to do was to just believe in him and support him.

trust. loyalty. your companions. they really do make a great difference... (",)

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