Saturday, March 03, 2012

cosfest x.2: 霹雳

cosfest x.2 wasn't exactly the most fantastic event for me this time, but it was still a memorable one. perhaps participating in the performance and the show wasn't exactly a good choice since i spent 3/4 of time waiting and waiting and waiting, and i'm not exactly sure if it was that worth it in the end. well, at least there were some shows that were worth waiting for!

Day 1 Cosfest x.2

so first up, the korean superstars (oh jeez, the name still sends a tingle up me) with their onepiece catwalk. the 4 members are kong1, kong2 (that's my idol on the rightmost - sorry not familiar with onepiece characters so not sure what's all the names...), dangerous man and ekiholic (the only girl).

then followed by the HUGE NUMBER OF 20secs each. it was interesting at the beginning, but soon my attention just dwindled.

i'm in the second half, which started round 3pm? but honestly i didn't walk too well. so don't bother watching it. and they played some crappy song after lacrimosa which totally didn't fit my character (was athena dress version that day) so there wasn't any mood to walk for me. oh well at least i received an encouraging punchgrab from my idol. *_*

actually i'm not sure whether it was after or before the walk, but the koreans also performed Ao no exorcist... which is seriously a must-watch! my friend is sying they have packed action, hot babe, BL, and great storyline all at once. and of cos, there's a cute rin by 000. heehee.

the day ended of with sounds of x.2, a symphonic orchestra playing all the music from animes and gmes. i'm so glad they've put ff songs inside and guess what? they have ff8, eyes on me!!!! it was the piano and ending version, but it was still awesome that they;ve listed it as one of the items. and i had someone special just beside me to listen with. this is probably the happiest part of my day!! <3<3<3

Day 2 Cosfest x.2

this is the day everyone's been waiting for, the WCS competition. this year there's 4 groups participating, and the gundam team had to drop out since they couldn't make it in time :[

we have a grand opening by the korean men, who were doing rayblade. ok it's not rayblade, it's a korean masked rider thingy, but i keep remembering it as rayblade. OH YA it's rayforce. i've always liked their armours, and how they can fight so effortlessly in them. 00 was saying that he couldn't move well in them and had to practise the whole night (yes, like just the day before), and i'm glad it turned out well! check out the flying gimmick they used. and yes poor 00 had to tumble off stage again. ouch.

there's 4 performances but i'm just gonna show the winner and the runner up. although the teams get lesser, the quality has risen still.

here's the runner-up, samurai warriors. don't you just love the creepy ranmaru doll...

and here's the representative this year, from genesis of aquarion. the feathered dress is gorgeous, and so is the robot.

there were like about 30 singing teams that day. and i waited from 3-7pm before our performance could occur. not entirely pleased with it as we weren't introduced properly, which was kinda sad since we wanted the pili series to be more well-known. oh well. remember to never accept such stuff again. bleahs.

changed in half an hour and went off to a dinner of awesome dimsum+macdonal dinner with the jiakbuibui people, and at least that helped wrap the day nicely!


i didn't get to meet them for dinner before they flew off, as i was having my lessons. thanks to sara's phone i was able to receive a lot of funny calls and messages from my idol which cheered me up at work greatly. i'm still laughing over the part where i told him 가고 싶어요 and he replied, me too! 보고 싶어요! well, that's why i can't really speak properly over phone =.=

we had a nice time at TCC chatting and eating bakwa before they flew off. 00's crunchy caramel drink only came when they were about to leave and i had the honor of finishing it off for him after we sent them off... whwhahhah!

i got hugx3 that day, so happy <3 사랑해요!

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