Sunday, August 25, 2013

Karma (League of Legends) WIP

ahhh talking about karma cos i'm missing my embroidery machine in korea. T_T

well anyway 00 kept insisting that i looked like karma and after much convincing and research, i did find a costume that i like of her. this was considered the reworked version.

this is the older version.

so when i did the costume i cosrt of tried to combine the 2. i actually used mostly double-sided tape for this costume, because it's just so much neater, faster and nicer than sewing/glueing. hoho. i used the white clothy base for lmost everything. this is corset base for her. the criss cross on the boob part wasn't so nice, so eventually i added on the flaps separately, as 00 advised. i swear he was totally judging my works. T_T and he just kept shaking his head at the double-sided tapes. pffffft.

you can see that i had linings on all the back. well i have plenty of leftover cloth and it looks much nicer (and more comfortable to be worn) right?

there's a few different layers for just the top, but eventually i stuck all of them together using either glue or sewing so it will be easier to wear (but in a way, harder to keep).

this is the base for her front flap. by the way i think the cloth i selected this time is pretty nice. hur. but i had to insist strongly on using PVC cos 00 felt that tibetans (karma is from tibet) would use silk to do their costume more than pvc. i didn't like silk and satin so while i had some satin, i felt that pvc would give more depth cos of the patterns there are. i think my combination turns out pretty ok though!

together with the stomach panel. 00 kept insisting my criss cross panels had too much folds and bubbles and didn't look smooth enough, but he took 2 weeks and didn't pass me his ideal version, so i just did it my way in the end. the folds are not that obvious. i hope. hur. but he did offer a good way on how i can do the criss cross, by using one whole strip then cutting it out into panels, instead of cutting the panels to lay them. at least you'll have a more uniform size and its faster when sewing / doing the golden edge linings. this picture shows the final one while the picture on top shows the one that he criticised. hoho.

and the little balls. i wanted to use a more velvet cloth for the pink patterns and wee spent so much time looking for the correct color and texture at dongdaemon. i guess in the end this turns out ok, although i would have still liked to use pink velvet. brrrrr.

then her skirt. there's the back patterns which is pvc and the inner patterns which are self-painted

 it was too yellowish so i added some silver to the paint.

the base of the neck piece

with all the pvc layers

the boots and the handguard is pretty much done in the same way. i used the same white base, sewed on the golden linings on one long strip, then cut it in pieces to do the criss cross layesr. the 2nd thinner lining was added on later. then i places satin as the inner lining so it'll be more comfortable to wear (than just the white base).

we actually argued a lot over what should be the color of the boots as 00 insisted it was black and it looks purplish cos of the lighting. but i followed the picture and i think dark purple makes more sense and is nicer! since i'm the crafter, i win. hoho.

i have zips there but it's probably not needed.

i did the shoe base separately then sewed it together before pasting on the shoe itself.

other small accessories she has such as the tail at the back. i mixed 2 colors together and trimmed the edge for a layered effect.

the 2 rings at her ankle. done by wrapping pvc around a styrofoam ring.

her head accessory, using the cloth white base, then wrapping pvc around. we couldn't find the correct gem color so we scrapped off the silver base on a white gem, and pasted the aqua pvc behind so we get the color we want.

made the base out of foam, then stuck with pvc for the earrings.

i'm missing her pyramid dangles for the hair extension, which ark carved for me but is lost!!

here's how everything looks like when put together. and yes, everything here is 1 piece - they are all stuck together. hahhahah. even the hand armour, cos the tip of the shoulder flap is joined to the wrist of the handguard.

and when i put it on the mannequin. oh right, it's the first time i have a mannequin living with me for about 1-2months. scary at night. the picture on the right is more complete with all the gold swirl patterns, the right shoe also finished and the rings on her left boot.

and lastly her wig cutting. i love her hair, because of the lopsided cascading style. the extensions are a mix of red and pink, and the front extensions were supposed to be attached to the pyramid so i didn't trim them yet.

her shoulder suspended wings were done by ark and 00 but it wasn't completed in time so that's why we couldn't go to the busan comic world. sighs. guess i'll have to make them here myself. and in the end, i didn't bring the costume back cos my luggage was crazy. only brought the wig back for some reasons. lol.

i'm missing a hell lot of pictures!!! when i transferred my pictures some of them got corrupted in the sd card. argh.

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