Sunday, August 18, 2013

130727-31 MT Farewell

so in the weekends, kyungmin organised a farewell meal and stuff for me. but unfortunately i ate the super powerful medicine for constipation on friday and was stuck in the toilet for more than 3-4hours, and ended up feeling really terrible for the whole day on saturday. not to mention i kept running to the toilets every 10 mins or so. so the team went to the waterfalls without me. T_T at least 00 stayed behind with me, although he was amused by my runs x_x hey, who caused it!?!

i was finally able to get out in the evening, where the team set up an indoor bbq in the office. whoa. but i couldn't eat anything because i was afraid it'll run out, since the medicine was still in effect.

poor skasha was cooking for everybody. sucks being the youngest member!

bukki marinated beef. and i couldn't resist taking a few. i was so hungry and my stomach was totally empty (i think) since i didn't eat anything at all since the morning and things were just coming out constantly...

i actually managed to make my chocolate cheesecake for everyone as desserts. it was pretty easy and didn't even require any baking. thank goodness they liked it although it looked terrible. it was finished off before i managed to take any pictures. 

we actually then played boardgames till 3-4am, before we went to sleep. we were playing this wolves and villagers thingy called Lupus in Tabulus where you had to have group conversations to figure out who the wolves are, and being the only foreigner around, i couldn't converse much and quickly got killed. x_x but because the girls generally kept quiet most of them got killed off too. ahhaha. 00 was really good at the game!! and kyungmin's acting is top notch although no matter how convincing he was whether he told the truth or not we still killed him off. lolol. lopez also dropped by and he became our mediator.

the next morning was a ramen breakfast... or lunch since we woke up near noon. we had the same set up again and ark was cooking ramens for all of us. i think we finished off almost 15 packets of instant noodles!!

we all ate from paper cups. it was really interesting!!

i was generally still afraid of eating but my appetite was slowly returning so i had 2-3 cups of ramen too. i like how they throw the pieces of cheese in. ramen with cheese rocks! especially if it's spicy ramen!! but i still can't believe they ate all the bulgogi meat, sausages, crabsticks etc raw. i still stand by the idea that you need to cook them!!!

we continued our boardgames again until it was 6-7+ then i went to prepare my shoot. since ta-sem was returning from china today it was the only day i could do my saber shoot before i leave for singapore. we actually only managed to reach the studio around 930, and could only start shooting at 10+ when we booked it at 9... hahah. so typical for us to be late! still, we managed to finish around 1130pm, then went off for a night of food food and food. i was gonna leave the next day so they decided i shouldn't sleep. omg korean culture. myeongseon drove ta-sem home first since he had only touched down and had to shoot for me so he was pretty tired.

stopped by at gangnam where we visited a very pretty beer house and had a hotpot set with sake.

our hotpot!

the sake bottle looks pretty

the guys weren't full yet and they insisted i try the sundae next door while we waited for myeongseon to come over.

i'm not a big fan of intestines but at least these looked more noodle-ish and they assured that it wasn't very intestine-like. it wasn't so bad!

after myeongseon came over and we finished up eating, we went over to a nearby cafe, Nescafe, and i treated them to coffee and desserts while chatting. i didn't realise my medicine was still in effect and ended up running to the toilet twice.

it was around 3+am when we left and waky was already falling asleep, so we went over to a nearby multi-function room for about 2 hours to entertain ourselves while waiting for the first bus to come at 530am. (it's actually not that cheap, might have been better at a hostel?!)

there's actually a buffet bar included~! not bad! but i only ate a little toast koped from waky and drank tea.

the room is small and cozy. but there's a monster inside. (lol pictures with waky always look hilarious)

unfortunately 00 was feeling sickly and his leg hurt, which he thought must have been because of the sake. my stomach was also pretty queasy. we watched django, a remade movie with  bit of retro touch. it was pretty interesting but it's like 2.5 or 3hours so we didn't manage to finish it before we leave. 00 was feeling hot and cold continuously and we finally decided to flag a cab back since the first bus could only come around 630am. it was 40k won though... woah! still, i think 00 looked like he was gonna collapse any moment. :(

we got home at 7+am, took a shower and went to sleep, but 00 was suddenly very feverish and sweated buckets so i went to get medicine from his mom. it didn't seem like a normal fever to me so i eventually decided to bring him to a hospital with ta-sem's help, much to his refusal. took an injection there and it seemed that he was getting better. butt injection actually hurts like hell but he said he didn't even felt anything. shows how much pain he was in... :( i didn't manage to fly because i didn't want to leave him like that so i postponed my flight to the 31st instead.

we ate abalone porridge cooked by his house butler, and he almost slept for the whole day while i kept watch. actually it didn't matter how i spent my last few days, as long as it was next to him, although i was very much pained that he was suffering. at night we managed to finish watching the rest of django before we went to sleep, but it seemed that his fever got terrible again and we moved up to his room as he thinks that it might be the bed's problem. the weather was terrible that day with sudden bouts of rain. 

the next day his family ordered domino's pizza so we had it for brunch. i don't know how a sick person can actually eat pizza, drink pepsi and still have fruit-bingsu for desserts, but after he ate he fell asleep again while i read mangas and entertained myself. he actually got better later in the day, and we even managed to head out for dinner with the team, since they heard that i had another 2 days here.

located a jjin-dalk place in yongin and it was delicious! kyungmin and caruto came late but we still had fun in the office later anyway! at least i managed to eat with song-sem and jaebong since they were all in china during my supposedly last few days.

we were on a new game that revolves around being the king and the beggar called the Great Dalmuti, and it was really very interesting! i started from the middle class, then went on to royalty class for many rounds before the great revolution happens (when you get 2 jester card), and eventually became a beggar. the fun thing was you get to order those in the lower classes to do things you want as the royalty. lol.

didn't really sleep that much since it was the last night, so we chatted about a lot of things till daybreak. it was good to have a heart-to-heart once in a while, we don't seem to be able to do that often. sighs.

In the morning we ate the remaining pizza (by the way domino's new pizza with strudel at the crust is really nice!) and cold soba, then slowly headed off to the airport.

when we reached the airport there was somehow a super long queue (i've never seen a queue quite that long) at check in, and thank goodness i was able to ask the service attendant and went over another check in counter instead. we had a bit of time for a fast dessert before i went in...

to say goodbye to my dearest...

it was a great pity that the screens are all opaque, so once you go in, you can't see the people outside... T_T

i reached my place just 2-3mins before it took off, and my name was actually announced. running with my huge backpack was crazy.

the airplane food was pretty nice, we were served 2 snacks, before and after dinner.

cheesecake ice cream for dessert!

and we were woken up just an hour before landing for snacks...

and i finally touched down in singapore at 12am, 1st aug, with my parents waiting for me at the airport.

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